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SEO Service In Ho Chi Minh City, HCMC

Where is Ho Chi Minh City SEO service reputable? The following article is for those who are looking for the most effective and reliable SEO service provider in HCMC. Update the most detailed price list of SEO services in HCMC

Many people often compare and sometimes confuse SEO with Google Adwords Ads. In simple terms, Google advertising is to spend money for your website to be displayed by Google in the first positions on the search engine, running out of money is all displayed. And SEO is keyword optimization to improve the quality of the Website from within, bringing the website to TOP Google in the most natural way, this ranking will always be maintained for a long and sustainable period if the Website continues to be well cared for and bring useful values ​​to visitors.

5 Great benefits SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City bring to businesses

Help businesses reach the right customers who are in need of buying products

When there is a need to buy a certain product, customers often actively seek information about products and product suppliers on Google. At this point, good SEO websites will show up right on the top of the search page, so there will be more opportunities to reach potential customers.

Power up to compete with opponents

Millions of people use Google every day to find the information, products and services they need. But there will also be hundreds or millions of different websites displayed to provide information to visitors. So how can customers find your website and not your competitor’s website?

Research by Google shows that in fact up to 70% of web users only see the first page of search results. Your website must be in the top 10 of search results to have the opportunity to be visited regularly by customers. And only SEO Ho Chi Minh City can help you do that.

Booming revenue thanks to effective SEO

Of course, SEO brings more opportunities to reach customers, gives a competitive advantage with more competitors, which means that more customers will know about your product, actively contacting. you and choose to buy your product. Indirect revenue comes from the business owning a standard SEO Website.

SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City help you save on Marketing costs

Advertising costs you a lot of money to bring your website to the top rankings on search engines. Instead of constantly spending money on advertising, SEO Ho Chi Minh services can completely help Website to the Top with just a single investment. Of course you will have to spend more time with overall website SEO techniques, but in return, the effect is long term and comprehensive.

Raise the brand of your business

With the SEO Brand Name technique, SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City have the ability to attach brand names when optimizing product keywords. SEO Brand Name brings brands of newly born businesses into the minds of customers quickly. At the same time, it helps to raise the name of old brands, consolidate trust and create broad brand coverage on Google and many other search channels.

When do we need SEO services in Ho Chi Minh?

Regardless of the business that is doing business based on Website platform, it is necessary to optimize SEO for their website. SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City have the ability to help businesses solve problems related to websites such as:

  • Website currently has low rankings, not many people know yet
  • Website with few visits despite its content is quite complete and quality
  • Website displays a lot of Traffic but mainly paid Traffic, Virtual Traffic. Low natural traffic volume makes the website easy to lose rankings
  • The website has a low conversion rate and does not bring in actual revenue
  • Website suddenly dropped ranking, even disappeared on search engines because Google constantly changed its algorithm
  • Website penalized for violating Google’s algorithms

Optimizing SEO for the website is not an overnight thing. In addition to money, time, and effort, you need to have solid expertise as well as a thorough understanding of how Google works. Most of the businesses today are not able to overall SEO for their website, but need the help of SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City.

A professional, reputable and effective SEO service address in HCMC

Founded in 2011 with the mission of “To become a leading technology solution provider in Vietnam. FAME MEDIA is currently the Top 1 Agency providing SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City  professionally, trusted by hundreds of big and small partners nationwide, having a firm foothold in the market with more than 8 years of SEO Website campaign. Professional working style, respect for progress, commitment to revenue.


The reasons to choose SEO services in HCMC at FAME MEDIA?

Are you in Ho Chi Minh City and owning a Website that needs to be optimized for SEO? Are you looking for the most reputable SEO service provider in Ho Chi Minh City ? Possessing a team of qualified SEO experts. FAME MEDIA Ho Chi Minh confidently brings the perfect SEO solution for your business:

  • Diverse and comprehensive: Ho Chi Minh City SEO Services at FAME MEDIA perform all techniques SEO Audit, Local SEO, SEO Onpage, SEO Offpage, Entity Construction, SEO Technical, E-COMMERCE SEO, Content Marketing …
  • Formal and transparent SEO plan: Always clear, detailed in every beginning of the work. From the process, reporting to work performance measurement, customers will get detailed answers.
  • Commitment 100% to Top Efficiency and Sustainability: The website SEO projects at FAME MEDIA are strictly and reliably implemented by contract terms. Not to Top does not take fees and compensation right agreement. FAME MEDIA refuses SEO Black Hat (SEO black hat – virtual SEO, bypassing Google law) to respect Google algorithm and sustainable value for the development of the Website.

What formula is the price of Ho Chi Minh’s SEO services at FAME MEDIA?

SEO service price at FAME MEDIA is calculated based on ITR (Interpolation Traffic Rate).

The ITR index is determined by 2 factors:

  • Rate and ranking of keywords to Top
  • Search traffic of each keyword (traffic volume)

The higher the ITR, the more effective SEO activity is, the higher the SEO service price is proportional to the ITR.

Quotation of SEO services in HCMC by FAME MEDIA

The price of SEO services at FAME MEDIA has never been higher than any other SEO agency across the country. The SEO price list specified by the committed ITR index is as follows

Frequently asked questions about SEO services in HCMC

1. How long does it take to SEO Website?

With its SEO experience, FAME MEDIA usually receives SEO results within 3 to 6 months (for keyword SEO services) and 6 months to 1 year (for overall SEO services). Short or long SEO time depends on the website platform, keyword competitiveness, SEO field … You will get better results with long-term SEO campaigns.

2. Why does SEO take longer?

Same SEO technique, but there will be websites that take more time to get to the top. Why is that? The common cause is often due to the new Website, the young age of the domain, the Website once entered the Blacklist (Google Black List), the content is poor quality or the competition is increasingly fierce in keyword SEO competition.

3. What will make Website blacklisted of Google?

A few things that can make Google “angry” and give punitive actions for your website include: Spam, build bad backlinks, illegal behavior, SEO technique Black Hat (SEO circumvent the law to deceive search engines to quickly increase Website rankings in a short time) … FAME MEDIA rejected all requests related to this unorthodox SEO trick.

4. After ending SEO campaign, is it necessary to maintain SEO website regularly?

The answer is yes. Because Google always changes its algorithms to provide the best user experience. So after achieving the peak of rankings thanks to overall SEO, continue to maintain useful articles and SEO standards for the Website, regularly check the Backlink system to remove dead backlinks and update quality Backlinks. , maintaining the website seeding activities on forums, social networks …


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